Since an early age, Eric Lignier, born in 1964, was first interested in architecture.
At 14, he received his first camera. Photography became his passion and his career.
He started to work in the world of communication and publicity and collaborated with big brands in various industries for more than 30 years.
In 2010, he started working on a new artistic dimension by joining his passions : architecture and photography to experiment creation of graphical images .
He travelled across many countries to capture the urban beauty. This period was to last for 6 years. He developed a profound knowledge of the urban territory and manages to show this in his compositions, which focus on the architecture and poetry of the urban landscape.
His vision is new, plastic and highly contemporary. Reality has an important place in his vision which is imultaneously dreamlike, delicate and urban.
He engages with a graphic and displaced mood which has become his signature.